Rabbit Hunting

For those of us used to sitting motionless in deer stands the rabbit offers a viable alternative

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The obscure little rabbit. He is food for many of the predators of the wild. He reproduces at an alarming rate. He can be found in most areas of the country. He tastes really good if prepared by someone who has had experience preparing and cooking this little delicacy.

He can be hunted alone or with dogs. Shotguns and rifles can be used to hunt him. Some brave souls even use the pistol to take the furry little creatures. They live in varied areas of desert and heat in the South to the frozen waste lands of the North country.

Hares and rabbits are all good hunting. From the Texas jack rabbit to the swamp rabbit which lives in watery environs the result is always predictable. Rabbit hunting is addictive and tremendously enjoyable.

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Many times I have witnessed rabbits running at a fast pace in open country with no change in their speed. If you watch long enough you can usually observe a dog or a predator hot on their trail. The scream emitted by a dying rabbit can usually mean one thing. The rabbit has been caught by one of its predators and the end is near. The hawk and coyote are very fond They know a good thing when they taste it. I grew up on rabbit meat. mother always prepared the delicious bounty which I brought home from the surrounding
fields. One of the downsides of growing old is not being able to follow the trail of the rabbit through rough country on a hunting afternoon because of age riddled limbs. My memories of those fun filled afternoons as a boy chasing the rabbit through the countryside will never escape my memory and will be forever a part of my heritage as a hunter.

Action abounds in this sport. The jack rabbit is usually hunted with rifles of the appropriate caliber. They are long distance runners and are sometimes observed at ranges that are well beyond the distances where cotton tails are harvested with shotguns. Accuracy is the number one objective in hunting the Jack. Running targets are not out of the question and can add tremendous sport to an afternoon of hunting. The rabbit and its cousins usually are observed right before sundown or early in the morning. The cotton tail is usually hunted with a fast moving shotgun. The cotton tail will usually go into the thickest cover that it can find.

Hunting rabbits in this situation is akin to hunting quail. You can expect fast moving and explosive action almost under your feet.

Walking in rabbit country is the best way to waylay these speedsters. The zig zag travel escape routes of the cotton tail can be exhilarating. This rabbit has more twists and turns than a couple on a blind date whose only ambition is to end this escapade and go home alone for the night. The rabbit goes from one set of protective cover to another. Your reflexes have to be sharp and your gun handling has to be true. The rabbit is not particularly hard to kill. Many sportsmen try to avoid meat damage by trying for head shots.

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How To Hunt Wild Turkeys In The Evening

I estimate that over ninety percent of all turkeys harvested are killed in the morning. I am no field biologist, nor an expert, I am just your good, ole average turkey hunter. From my experiences, mainly focused in the southeast, the turkeys generally gobble during two different times of the day. One is in the morning, and the other is right before they fly up on the roost. However, there is another time that they gobble, but I will get to that later. Anyways, the whole point of this article is to give a few pointers for turkey hunting in the evening.

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In order to be successful when turkey hunting in the evening; one must understand one important piece of information. That bit of information is that turkeys graze, feed, or travel towards their roost. So in the mornings, the go wherever and then make their way back to the general area where they roosted. So be sure to start learning a few of their common roosting sites. It would be a good idea to setup on or around these areas in order to increase your chances of success.

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The next step is simple and you have probably heard it a thousand times. Call about every thirty minutes. When a turkey hunter is sitting there in the woods, it is really hard to lay off of the old slate or diaphragm call. However, how many times have we all heard that less is more when it comes to turkey hunting? Folks, these birds can hear you, so there is no real point in raising cane.

The last tip that I am going to give in this article is to be patient and still when hunting for turkeys in the evening. These animals can hear like nobodies business and can see just about any movements that you may make. I cannot tell you how many times I have gotten discouraged due to a lack of activity in the evenings and had a tom sneak up on me while I wasn’t paying attention. Stuff like that will happen and you will be really upset when it does. So just try your best to hunt hard and stay still.

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South Africa Hunting

Not all animals are spotted in all seasons

your South Africa hunting company should be able to figure out the kinds of animals that may be available at your time of visit. Highest levels of skills and patients are required for a successful homerun.

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The hunted animals will mostly end up in the dining tables of local people that at least partly depend on the hunters for their food. This can be an answer to haters of this big game safari.

There are many animals including big five

elephant, lion, leopard, rhinoceros and buffalo. Zebra, oryx, kudu, red leopard, steenbok, warthogs, cheetah, baboon, varmint, gemsbok, etc are the animals you can spot in South Africa hunting safari.

It is not advisable to go into the hunting area alone. South Africa hunting companies will provide you with necessary guides and hunters to ensure you get a good catch and return safely.

You can’t move in isolation, you need to choose South Africa hunting itinerary that doesn’t overload the hunting ground with a lot of hunters. It not only takes away the real spirit of South Africa hunting, but also leaves you with a less than satisfactory catch.

Different companies offer South Africa hunting packages that cover providing information about hunting season, identifying hunting locations, availability of trophy hunting options, and provide for essentials as stay and dine in luxury or semi luxury rooms, weapons, guards, and trekking facilities like jeep, mini bus, elephant, or horse. If the adventurism lets you, you can also try a safari on foot, where you walk into the terrains where elephants, lions, leopards, giraffes and mighty antelopes roam about.

Other options of wilderness and detour to primate conditions include bow hunting, where you experience ‘almost’ the same as what early caveman did while guarding his life, along with his women and children.

Hunting for food is generally accepted as rule of nature, but when it comes to sports or trophy hunting, there arises differences of varied kinds, a strong struggle with seemingly no ending. Hunters can leave these concerns aside and pursue their passion to go wild and chase the animals in the wilderness once they are on for South Africa hunting.

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Hunting With Dogs

The worst thing about hunting with dogs is making sure to pick the right breed and spending the time to properly train the hunter. If training is done properly and the correct breed is chosen, hunting with dogs can be very rewarding and entertaining.

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Do you hunt with a dog? Some dogs are good hunters and others at not. Those dogs that make good hunting animals may be only good for a certain type of hunting and not good for others.
Those dogs that are good hunters have in their ancestral background the propensity for hunting and many times bread for a particular game. Some dogs are good at scenting, some have good stamina and others are easily trained.

Training a dog will certainly make it a better hunter but the journey begins with choosing the right dog for what you are going to hunt. Training a dog for your sport is a tedious process and it takes a lot of time and practice. If a dog picks up bad habits in the training you have created a problem that will be difficult to fix.

The big advantage to hunting with dogs is that they will do a lot of the leg work for you and dramatically cut down the time to find game. A good dog for duck hunting will lay still and quiet in the blind and not move until the master commands the dog to go get the ducks that he just landed.

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