Hunting With Dogs

The worst thing about hunting with dogs is making sure to pick the right breed and spending the time to properly train the hunter. If training is done properly and the correct breed is chosen, hunting with dogs can be very rewarding and entertaining.

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Do you hunt with a dog? Some dogs are good hunters and others at not. Those dogs that make good hunting animals may be only good for a certain type of hunting and not good for others.
Those dogs that are good hunters have in their ancestral background the propensity for hunting and many times bread for a particular game. Some dogs are good at scenting, some have good stamina and others are easily trained.

Training a dog will certainly make it a better hunter but the journey begins with choosing the right dog for what you are going to hunt. Training a dog for your sport is a tedious process and it takes a lot of time and practice. If a dog picks up bad habits in the training you have created a problem that will be difficult to fix.

The big advantage to hunting with dogs is that they will do a lot of the leg work for you and dramatically cut down the time to find game. A good dog for duck hunting will lay still and quiet in the blind and not move until the master commands the dog to go get the ducks that he just landed.

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