Gear for Hunting in Africa – Rifle Hunters

If you are going to hunt and do not know what preparation to do, I suggest that you bring the equipment below to keep it safe and you might be able to solve any problem.

Hunting Gear

Gear For Hunting
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– Rifle

– Scope

– Scope caps

– Sling

– Ammunition

– Ammunition pouch or belt

– Small screw driver, for your scope sight setting and glasses

– Pocket knife or Leatherman tool

– Travel gun case

– Soft gun case, to protect your rifle in the hunting vehicle or charter plane

– GPS (Global Positioning System).

– Shooting stick, most outfitters will have one that you can use or you can bring your own.

– Basic rifle cleaning kit, your outfitter will probably have one.

– Small bag or back pack, for taking personal items on hunt (waterproof may be recommended for some hunts).

– Hearing protection.

– Knee pads for crawling.

– Binoculars

– Binoculars strap or suspender support system (the latter will make wearing them more comfortable and secure with no swinging or bouncing).

– Spotting scope.

– Range finder.

Pre-Hunt Checklist

– Valid Passport (South Africa requires your passport to be valid for an.

– additional 30 days after your return date to the USA. No exceptions.).

– Airline ticket.

– Proper weapon documentation.

– Email the date and time of arrival to your P.H. for pickup at the airport.

– Inoculation (if needed in the area you are hunting).

– Deposit paid and confirmed.

– Traveler’s checks and enough cash for gifts, tip, etc.

– Travel Insurance.

– See Tips for US Hunters Traveling to Africa.

Safari Clothing.

– Keep it simple. Bring a few changes of light hunting clothing (most places will have a daily laundry service).

– 2 pairs of light hunting pants.

– 2-3 hunting shirts.

– 2-3 pairs of socks and underwear.

– 1 pair of insulated underwear (tops and bottoms) * we recommend Merino wool.

– Light jacket for stopping wind.

– Wide brim hat or cap.

– Good ankle boots/shoes that are very comfortable (you don’t need heavy mountain boots).

– Comfortable shoes for lounging at the lodge.

– Light stocking hat and gloves.

– Light rain gear.

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