Top Inflatable Kayak Brands

  • 25 Jul 2022 13:50
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Top Inflatable Kayak Brands

With so many Kayak brands out there I know it can get difficult when it comes time to choose the best inflatable kayak. So what I decided to do is make a curated list of the most popular brands that make some of the most wicked kayaks on the market.

Sea Eagle Inflatable Kayak

Sea Eagle is an excellent kayak brand, especially for inflatable kayaks. In fact, that is all they make, it is their niche and they make the very best inflatable kayaks (click here for more reviews on Inflatable Kayaks). You can even take their kayaks out in class IV rapids. Sea Eagle is one of the world’s leading inflatable kayak manufacturers and has been since 1967. Their line of inflatable kayaks come suited for one, two, and even three people. Their boats are exceptionally great for those deciding to use a kayak during overnight trips and camping. Sea Eagle inflatable kayaks offer the kind of kayaks that will give any paddler the ultimate weekend getaway boat. They offer deluxe packages with their kayaks so you get additional equipment that will enhance any kayaking adventure.

Sea Eagle equips their kayaks with molded skegs (like those on a surfboard) so you glide effortlessly, and faster, along the water while going further while having to give less effort to paddling which makes kayaking much more enjoyable and a lot less tiring. A selection of their kayaks come with enough storage space that can hold supplies that will last for days.

Hobie Inflatable Kayak

Hobie kayaks are perfect for day trips and weekend adventures with selections offering mirage drive and a high back seat. In fact, Hobie is my all-around best kayak maker. Their inflatable kayaks include a twist and stow rudder system with a twist and seal 8″ hatch. Hobie offers a line of single and double-person kayaks that can be packed neatly in its rolling travel bag that you can even take on a plane with you if flying to your kayaking location. Hobie inflatable kayaks are durable enough to stand straight up in without having to worry about tipping over.

In addition, Hobie’s kayaks are unique from other kayak manufacturers in the way that some of their kayaks come with removable pedals and flippers with Hobie’s Mirage Drive Pedal System. They even come with an option to be able to steer the kayak by a rudder, no paddle necessary; this means a hands-free kayaking experience when you choose one of these options from Hobie. You’ll be free to take pictures, and videos, and enjoy the sites with ease. Their kayaks also come with optional sail kits for those kayakers out there who want to take their kayaks sailing.

Sevylor Inflatable Kayak

Hunting the day’s catch is perfect with a Sevylor inflatable kayak which easily slices through white waters or just kayaking through smooth waters, Sevylor kayaks re extremely durable and easy to store without hindering stability or safety. Whether inflated or deflated, the kayak is easy to carry and transport when required; You also won’t have to worry about tipping over in their extremely stable kayaks.

They have a great selection of kayaks for fishing, exploring, and fun. The inflatable kayaks inflate under 10 minutes and they are ready to be enjoyed out in the water. Sevylor’s kayaks are great for exploring lakes, fishing, and enjoying those rapid white waters when the moment calls for it.

Stearns Inflatable Kayak

You can take a Stearns inflatable kayak camping to or to the beach with you on calm lakes or even in swift-moving waters, whichever it’ll feel right at home. Stearns kayaks are coated of heavy-duty 840-denier nylon which makes them perfect for long-term use, making one of their kayaks usable for years. 1000-denier tarpaulin abrasion protects the bottoms of the kayaks. Their kayaks are easy to transport and easy to store and come with their own carry bags; they easily roll right up once deflated and fit back in. In addition to their extensively designed features that come equipped on the kayaks, there are also zippered splash guards and foam spill guards that will keep your lap dry.

Stearns kayaks come equipped with Neoprene knuckle guards so that your hands stay protected even after an extended time of paddling, so you can paddle comfortably longer and spend more time enjoying your kayak adventure. With a Stearns kayak, you can ensure that you’ll get a lifetime use out of their kayaks because of the high-quality material and durability, which makes them great for surf kayaking.

Coleman Inflatable Kayak

Coleman inflatable kayaks can support up to 395 pounds of weight and are made out of tough 22 gauge PVC while being equipped with dual tracking fins that make for easy steering and comfortable back support so you can enjoy hours of kayaking. Coleman guarantees leak-free inflatable kayaks with their Airtight system and double lock valves that retain air 30% better than traditional pinch valves which are 9% better than Boston valves and inflates within minutes so you won’t have to wait long before you’re out and enjoying the waters.

Coleman’s inflatable kayaks are NMMA certified. They are known for their simple designs and for their expertise in sit-on-top kayaks. You can take a Coleman kayak on white waters up to a class IV. They even come equipped with integrated hydration pockets. You can expect to transport these kayaks easily and without the need for a car or boat carrier.

Once you are comfortable with your choice of kayak brand, check out our main page on the different types of kayaking activities and check out more kayak reviews to get specific details on the best kayaks for your kayaking adventures.

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